In comparison to many other countries, Cyprus offers a very simple process of purchasing property.

Non Europeans are entitled to a freehold ownership of a villa, an apartment or a piece of land with maximum expanse 4014 sq. meters (four thousand and fourteen square meters).

Europeans are entitled to a freehold ownership of a villa or an apartment. In respect of plots of land, Europeans can purchase as many properties and for any extent. This was one of the changes which took place because of the entry of Cyprus to the EU.

Foreign companies can acquire premises for their business or for holiday home for their directors.

Europeans who acquire permanent or temporary permit can register in their name as many properties as they want provided that they sign a confirmation to the government that they will stay for the following five years in Cyprus.

 Properties in Cyprus are on average 20% - 30% lower in prices than Portugal, 30% - 40% lower than Spain and 50% - 60% lower than Italy and France.