The Cypriot culture is based on hospitality, good life, friendliness and honesty. For someone who has never experienced anything similar, this will be a new and exciting experience! Visitors can taste the amazing cypriot cuisine, experience the vibrant nightlife all around the island and relax within a lifestyle that differs very much from large metropolitan cities. Small distances mean that one can be high in the mountains and then wet themselves in the sea, in just under 2 hours!

From independent travelers to honeymooners, archaeology aficionados to friends of nature, everyone have a reason to visit Cyprus. Food lovers will find farm-fresh halloumi cheese and delectable meze, the local specialty appetizers that mix Western ingredients with Eastern zest. Good company along with finest wine is a way of life. A place that measures up to its mystique: Cyprus.

You won’t find it difficult to feel like home; most of the natives speak English fluently.